Pioneering accounting education.

We enable everyone to access the power of the Financial Conversation. 

  • Confident employees engaging and participating.
  • Business performance and profits. 
  • Shining a bright light on opportunity.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in all parts of your business.

Our work is about the diversity of human potential and using the talents of each of your team members. It's about your people contributing to the financial conversation, without fear and with confidence. 

We call it active financial engagement. It's for everyone. It's the future.

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Accountex 2023

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The workshop is based on the Color Accounting Learning System™, the globally-acclaimed approach for effectively building accounting and financial literacy.  It is used at top-100 law firms, international banks, agencies, industrial companies, and universities in America, Britain, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Truly understand the mechanics and language of accounting;
  • See clearly the fundamental structure of financial statements in a way that makes them readily approachable and usable;
  • Be comfortable reading and analyzing key financial reports in order to spot potential commercial issues;
  • Engage confidently in financial conversations, asking powerful questions based on a rich understanding of financial elements and an all-encompassing concept framework;
  • Understand the relevance and uses of key performance measures, such as Return on Equity;
  • Spot the high-risk areas of financial statements;
  • Be conscious of the ambiguities in the language that accountants and financial professionals use, improving communication and reducing misunderstandings;
  • Know the difference between important terms and trivial naming conventions; and
  • Understand how business works as a value generation cycle.
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