Born Under A Bridge

Born Under A Bridge

Believe it or not, the journey to forge better accounting education began in the shadows of the ANZAC bridge, in Sydney, Australia.

On a recent trip there, I found myself reflecting on those early days when Color Accounting co-founder Mark Robilliard and I hashed around ideas for making accounting more user friendly.

The first bridge at this site was opened in 1862 to move slaughterhouses out of central Sydney.
Mark and I met while working in KPMG’s Sydney office back in the early ‘90s, in a building near the famous bridge.

We recognized there was a huge gap in accounting literacy that needed to be bridged within companies. People just “didn’t get” accounting, and what’s worse, they didn’t want to. Previous training experiences were negative—too boring and complicated.

We wanted to change that. But how?

Synchronicity was at work. The desktop color printer was introduced around that time, which enabled us to create and share a color-coded diagram that makes finances much easier to learn and articulate.

And so Color Accounting was born. 

Now spanning the globe, we have helped thousands of organizations bridge accounting and business strategy using that same simple color diagram.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge shares the skyline with the Opera House.