Holiday Season Reflections

Here in the Southern hemisphere, where I'm writing this on a two-week trip, the holiday season feels well and truly underway.  People have already left for the coast, and the summer languidness is distinctly noticeable as we set up the last of the year's business meetings.  My wife, holding fort in cold Europe, was not impressed when I complained about one cold and rainy day down in the antipodes.

What a year it's been for Accounting Comes Alive.  The next generation of the Color Accounting learning system, Version 4, was wrapped up in beautifully printed learning materials in September.  The new learner packs will land on the desks of the participants in our live workshops in January.   And the definitive Color Accounting, the text book, is on the printing presses as we speak, and will be in bookstores any day now. Accompanied by a reprint of The Color Accounting Parable, which now qualifies as an international best seller.

2013 was also spent developing Color Accounting Online, the e-learning version of the breakthrough graphical way to learn accounting. We're so excited about it.  The 4.5 hour program will run on corporate learning systems, on PCs and Macs, on iPad and Android tablets.  It has presenters who've worked in Hollywood and is fully interactive, so that learners actually do accounting as part of their learning.  The world has seen nothing like it before. We're putting the final touches to the app, with our development partner Knowledge Foundry. It will go live at to kick off 2014.

But probably the best thing about 2013 was the growth of the Color Accounting Partner community.  We think of ourselves as a global family of passionate Color Accounting Partners, all committed to setting people free from the shackles of financial illiteracy. During the year we've gained new friends and partners in Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Sudan, Nairobi, Namibia, UK, USA... you name it.  With over 100 partners the revolution that is Color Accounting continues to pick up speed.

North and South, 2013 is ending on an auspicious note for financial literacy. 2014 is lookin' good.

First posted December 2013, by Peter Frampton