In Praise of Obsession

In Praise of Obsession

In the nearly 20 years we’ve been working on better explaining financial statements, I have to admit, I’ve had my moments of doubt.
Does it make any sense to spend two decades trying to improve the design of just one 8-hour workshop? Isn't perfect the enemy of good?
Will anyone actually learn better if we define a concept using this word or that? Who will really notice if I set up the room with the flip chart to the left of the whiteboard instead of the right?

Just when I was feeling a bout of doubt coming on, I read Brad Ellis’s article on the design of the corners of the iPhone X.

I gazed at the moving diagram that was switching between the shape of a theoretical rounded corner and the shape of the actual iPhone corner.  

At first I couldn’t see any difference. But slowly I noticed a slight variation in shapes that the toggling gif was revealing. And as I kept looking, the disparity became more and more apparent. Eventually it loomed large. 

In pursuit of excellence, detail isn't detail at all. 
Channeling the obsession of the world's most valuable company, I know there are learners out there who will have their lightbulb learning moment, precisely because we set the classroom up just right. 

Here's to your obsessions. 

Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash