Not-for-profit Organization Workshops

Colour Accounting Solution Provider MzN | International is a social enterprise supporting NGOs and international organisations worldwide. They offer a range of courses and services, including a powerful 4-day "Finance for Impact" training.  It is scheduled in a number of cities close to where NGOs are doing important work.  

Trainings are currently scheduled in 2013 for:
26-29th August                                  Jakarta, Indonesia
2-5 September                                  Kathmandu, Nepal
30 September – 3 October               Yangon, Myanmar
7-10 October                                     Delhi, India
28 October - 01 November               Nairobi, Kenya
4-7 November                                    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
25-29 November                                Johannesburg, South Africa

Contact MzN International for more information.

First posted June 2013, by Peter Frampton