Nurturing Afghan Accountancy

Nurturing Afghan Accountancy

Dried fruit and nuts seller in the old city bazaar of Kabul | Credit: Christophe Cerisier, iStock
The important role played by accountants can often be undervalued in advanced economies.

But, in developing nations like Afghanistan, the accurate and honest recording and reporting of financial data is a revelation. More important, it is a critical foundational component for economic growth and prosperity.

As reported by The Economist, as recently as 2009, Kabul (a city of 4 million residents) had less than 20 accountants. And few of them were locals.

But, if this battle weary country is to grow its economy and improve its citizens' standard of living, an expanding population of accountants is critical.

As the Economist notes in its article:

          Boring old accountancy might not seem a priority for a war-torn country. But in business it  
          can foster trust and transparency—scarce commodities in a country where corruption is

Given the often benighted situation in the country, how cool is it to read that 1,000 people have begun to qualify as accountants, and especially that a third of those are women.  

A large marketplace abuts the polluted Kabul River in Afghanistan | Credit: Christophe Cerisier, iStock