Wisconsin Surf Forecast

Wisconsin Surf Forecast

Color Accounting's recent growth in the US meant that co-founder Mark Robilliard was urgently needed Stateside.

So, in 2016, he moved from the idyllic seaside town of Noosa, Queensland to the heart of Wisconsin. Mark, his wife and daughter are now installed near Milwaukee.

This 2007 stamp recognizes the Centenary of Australia's Surf Life Saving patrol. Mark is not pictured.
Now enjoying his first Wisconsin winter, Mark would like to dispute the assertion made in the 1965 Trade Winds song - Milwaukee is NOT a lonely town, even though he's the only surfer boy around.

With average January daytime high temperatures below freezing at his new locale, we can forgive Mark the occasional bout of homesickness as we congratulate his commitment to Accounting Literacy in America!

Anyone fancy joining Mark and me for a bout of ice fishing next time I'm in Milwaukee?

Warm Regards, Peter
This is a Wisconsin pine forest after a snowfall. Mark is hiding in the background.