Our education programs enable everyone to access the power of the Financial Conversation. 
we're about ...
  • Confident employees engaging and participating.
  • Business performance and profits. 
  • Shining a bright light on opportunity.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in all parts of your business.
Our work is about the diversity of human potential and using the talents of each of your team members. It's about your people contributing to the financial conversation, without fear and with confidence. 

We call it active financial engagement.
It's for everyone.  
It's the future.
Let's start the conversation today  

Wealthvox gives people voice in...

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Remote and on-site workshops
and coaching for employees.
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Include me in
the financial conversation.

When all team members have the ability to take part in the workplace financial conversation, the result is greater employee engagement and powerful alignment around your commercial goals. A shared grasp of your commercial objectives drives cost savings, efficiencies, revenue & profitability.
But how!?
Accountants and finance folk talk a foreign language, don't they,  and only experts can make sense of their reports?  "I mean, when I see a balance sheet, I see a zebra." 
No longer!
A revolutionary new financial education system instantly opens up the world of financial reporting & corporate finance so that anyone can participate, everyone can be included, and all can contribute.

Hands-on learning and coaching that gives me access to a world...

Include me in the financial conversation and I'll better understand what the CEO and CFO want and how I can contribute my talents. 

Let me grab opportunities, grasp the levers of profitability, keep cash flowing, seek cost savings, improve
Return On Equity or EBITDA or Margins. 

I belong in the financial conversation.
Give me the language to partake. 

Are all your people included? Do they...

  • Understand the CEO’s financial priorities?
  • Press their customers’ buying buttons by understanding their financial motives?
  • See and jump on opportunities for profitability?
  • Accelerate cash flow while maintaining profits?
  • Communicate clearly between departments?
Let's Talk Finance is Wealthvox's keystone workshop, delivered over 8 hours, on-site or remotely.
Using hands on 3-D prop, diagrams, and radically simplified language, the learning outcomes it delivers are unprecedented. Harvard Business School says, "it's of value to anyone". 
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Sharpen your business acumen

Wealthvox workshops and coaching use deliberate techniques to deliver a clear and actionable grasp of business finance. We offer...
  • Hands-on, interactive learning tools for learners.
  • A business-on-a-page framework to aid understanding.
  • Expert certified facilitators.
  • Handy reference tools for continued application in the workplace.

Workshops and Coaching

Tailored Wealthvox workshops and coaching equip your team members with tools and behaviors to confidently participate in the financial discussions, planning and strategizing in your workplace. Participants:
Immediately engage in financial discussion with confidence.
Use and appreciate the story that the financial reports are telling.
Confidently make decisions using financial information.
Know how to increase efficiencies, cash flow and profitability.
Leave with actions they can implement to create financial outcomes.
Engage more productively with clients and colleagues.
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Where were you when I was doing my MBA?
This is a game-changer.
Sales Director, Retail Industry, London  
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was the best training I’ve received in my 17 years at the company.
Insurance manager, Tennessee. 
This is the first workplace course that’s made a noticeable difference back at my desk.
Financial analyst, Wall Street. 
Valuable to anyone!
Professor Paul Healy, Harvard Business School  
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The training was absolutely unbelievable.
Daniel Preda, Managing Director, Toyota Material Handling (Romania)

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