Teach accounting and finance

The business of teaching kids is easy, fun and effective with a visual and hands-on approach.
Teaching accounting and finance

Shouldn't be a grind

  • Do your kids find it hard to grasp the essential concepts?
  • Are your materials in need of a refresh?
  • Are you new to teaching accounting?
  • Does your content support the published teaching standards?
  • Is class enrolment trending downwards?
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Peter Frampton, co-founder of the Color Accounting Learning System, talks about the approach.

The Color Accounting Learning System

Start using the Color Accounting Learning System in your middle or high school by accessing materials for your classroom.
To meet the evolving needs of you and your students, we offer: 
  • a library of learning resources
  • monthly webinars
  • discounted and free student materials
  • a welcoming and supportive teacher community
  • continuing education events and credits

The approach is effective

The hands-on props and visual explanations grab the students' attention.

Teachers love the 
Color Accounting approach

Concepts that my students struggled with became clear when I started using the Color Accounting Learning System.  They found the classes fun, interactive and relevant, and their attitudes changed. With the CALS system diagrams and colour-coding they could see the big-picture  impact of financial decisions on a business. My enrolment increased and their exam results were extraordinary. 
Anne Kriel, Hilton College
Over the past 3 school years, Color Accounting has been a game changer for my students, not only in Accounting but also Personal Finance and my Intro to Business classes.
Sean Crevier, Vernon Hills High School
Joining the Color Accounting community has given me a group of like-minded people to share the challenges and wins of teaching.  Getting certified was one of the best moves I made last year.
Alice Viljoen, St Andrew’s School for Girls
Driving student engagement and success with trusted content, flexible and innovative solutions, and a supportive teacher-community.

Use our system in your classroom

Improve learning outcomes by incorporating the Color Accounting Learning System approach, content and tools into your teaching.
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  3. Order and use the materials, exercises and lesson plans.
  4. Accelerate and enrich your students’ learning.
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