Let's Talk Finance

(September 09 & 10, 2024)

The course is based on the Color Accounting Learning System™, the globally-acclaimed approach for effectively building accounting and financial literacy. It is used at top-100 law firms, international banks, agencies, industrial companies, and universities in America, Britain, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Enrollment deadline: August 30, 2024

  • Date:
    September 09 & 10, 2024
  • Delivery:
    2 x 4hr sessions
    Live, online
  • Times: 
    09:30 - 13:30 (GMT - London)
    10:30 - 14:30 (CET - Zurich)
    10:30 - 14:30 (SAST - Johannesburg)
    16:30 - 20:30 (SGT - Singapore)
  • Presented by:
    Adam Wilkinson
A full course pack including a BaSIS Board™, workbook and stationery is shipped to you before the course.

Feed your financial genius

Understanding the principles that underpin every business - whether your own business, your employer or your competitor - empowers you to maximize your value as a professional. Register for our finance and accounting course today. 

Do you find that?...

  • You hesitate when presented with financial reports and accounting jargon?  
  • Your contribution to the workplace financial conversation is limited; you stay quiet in meetings where you might otherwise contribute?
  • The previous finance training you’ve tried involved rote memorization and didn’t stick; nothing really shifted?

The benefits

  • Engage and communicate more effectively about financial matters
  • Uncover opportunities for efficiency and profitability at work
  • Make better and more-informed financial decisions
  • Align your goals with the business' goals, to advance your career and grow the business
  • Understand the financial mindset of colleagues, clients and the CEO to gain credibility as a trusted, business-savvy team member
  • Enjoy a freedom around financial reports and conversation
  • End the repeated cycles of financial training that don’t work
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The Color AccountingTM Learning System “approach has the advantage of showing how it works visually. We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively.”
Paul Healy, James R. Williston Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School

Course overview

Let's Talk Finance is a one-day breakthrough introductory finance course that delivers unprecedented financial literacy to underpin your business acumen. 

It uses a different and fresh approach called Color Accounting Learning System, which makes the learning intuitive, logical and fun. The course reveals how accounting, finance and business work, and importantly, how they interrelate. You'll leave able to read a balance sheet and income statement, confidently telling a meaningful financial story that informs decision-making.

What will you learn?

  • Truly understand the mechanics and language of accounting.
  • See clearly the fundamental structure of financial statements in a way that makes them readily approachable and usable.
  • Be comfortable reading and analyzing key financial reports to spot potential commercial issues.
  • Engage confidently in financial conversations, asking powerful questions based on a rich understanding of financial elements and an all-encompassing concept framework.
  • Understand the relevance and uses of key performance measures, such as Return on Equity.
  • Spot the high-risk areas of financial statements.
  • Be conscious of the ambiguities in the language that accountants and financial professionals use, improving communication and reducing misunderstandings.
  • Know the difference between important terms and trivial naming conventions.
  • Understand how business works as a value generation cycle.
Meet the instructor

Adam Wilkinson

Adam qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1999 and has 24 years of experience in business. Adam worked 8 years for the EMI Group Plc, where he was involved in de-listing the company and selling it to private equity in 2007, and has held 4 Finance Director roles in the music and media industries. He has been running Wealthvox Color Accounting courses since 2013 and has clients in a wide range of industries including law, media, finance and music. Adam regularly delivers around 100 workshops per year across Europe, the USA and Asia.
Patrick Jones - Course author