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Does it frustrate you when financial people speak gobbledygook?

You've come to the right place. The solution is closer than you think.
Master an MBA-semester's worth of practical finance and accounting in just 8 hours. With our breakthrough learning methodology, you'll see real change in your business or career... and quite frankly your life.
Take control of and improve:
  • Profitability
  • Cash flow
  • Sales incentives
  • Business efficiencies
  • Cost reduction
  • Departmental collaboration
  • Employee and team engagement
  • Business value

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Let's Talk Finance

  • When: Monthly start dates
  • Cost: $995
  • Total duration: 8 hours
  • Delivery method: Live, online
Let's Talk Finance is a transformative online course dedicated to professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand the language of finance and make better-informed decisions.
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Let's Talk Finance

Enroll for our next course now. The course is live and fully delivered online. To make it easy to attend, the course is delivered over 2 days (2 x 4-hour sessions). Choose the time that works for you.

  • Total duration: 8 hours
  • Delivery method: Live, online
  • Enrollment closes 2 weeks before course start date
  • Times: Different times available
  • Presented by Chartered Accountants

What business owners say about the course

  • Unbelievable
The training was absolutely unbelievable. The trainer was really good and this is the only training in my whole life. And I had thousands. Yeah. Where all the people, 17 or 18 people, I don't remember exactly. They were giving the maximum ten out of ten.
Daniel Preda | MD, Toyota Material Handling (Romania)
  • Insightful
The presentation lasted a day. By the end of the day most if not all present were able to read and understand the company’s financial statements. They were able to ask insightful questions. It was a most impressive demonstration of the power of Color Accounting to make accounting understandable and dramatically improve financial literacy in a very short period of time. It was also fun for all involved!
Stephen Harrison, AO FCA FAICD, CEO, Global Accounting Alliance (almost 800,000 members in over 180 countries)
  • Valuable
This course has now put me "in the know" of accounting and therefore heightens my value as a business professional.
Andrea Lewis PhD, Senior Consultant, HR, Freddie Mac, USA
  • Incredible
I now have a gestalt understanding of how to use accounting to run a business. The way the learning process was structured was incredible. This is not book learning. It's real learning. The day just kept unfolding with more and more concepts!!! It was truly a great experience. 
Michelle Klink, PhD, President, One-Two Communications, Washington DC, USA

What is the Color Accounting Learning System?

What makes this course different from others is the Color AccountingTM Learning System.  It's a new approach to teaching accounting using diagrams and color-coding to make financial information easy to understand. 

At the heart of the Color Accounting Learning System is a diagram called the BaSIS BoardTM. It is a graphical representation of accounting on a page. Learners can RELAX when they realize that every financial situation they'll ever come across can be described with just five concepts.

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“The Color Accounting Learning System approach has the advantage of showing how it works visually. We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively.”

Paul Healy, James R. Williston Professor of Business Administration

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