Let's Talk Finance for Lawyers

Let’s Talk Finance is an accounting and financial literacy workshop for lawyers that teaches how to confidently read and work with balance sheets, income statements and other financial reports.

Corporate finance on a single page

Developed over twenty years by the Wealthvox organization, the program uses a unique way of explaining the principles and practice of accounting and finance.  The Color Accounting Learning System has you build a model-on-a-page of how corporate finance works.  Harvard Business School says “it’s of value to anyone who’s interested in understanding how accounting  works.” Numerous law firms in the US, UK and globally use the approach for their in-house training programs.

What to expect

The interactive one-day (8-hours, can be split into parts) program is offered remotely and face-to-face.  Our workshop covers:
  • Balance sheet & Income statement
  • Closing entries at the end of the period
  • Cash flow drivers and cash flow statements
  • Accrual principles as used in various industries
  • The trial balance and record-keeping
  • Financial communication pitfalls
  • Corporate finance topics:
    Debt vs. Equity and capitalization tables
  • Asset valuation, EBIT and EBITDA

Upcoming workshops

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