Understand your finances better

Your business finances shouldn't be a mystery. All your team members should be able to make fully informed financial decisions to drive profits and cash flow, in line with the CEO's priorities.

What the CEO wants you to do...

Grab opportunities, firmly grasp the levers of profitability, keep cash flowing.

Do your people...?

  • Understand the CEO’s financial priorities?
  • Are your sales people missing opportunities to press their customers’ buying buttons?
  • Do team members fully grasp the levers of profitability?
  • Is cash flow tight even while you’re making profits?
  • Are departments siloed and talking past each other?
You’ve tried financial training before, and let’s just say… it didn’t knock anyone’s socks off. 
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Sharpen your business acumen

Wealthvox workshops and coaching use deliberate techniques to deliver a clear and actionable grasp of business finance. We offer...
  • Hands-on, interactive learning tools for learners.
  • A business-on-a-page framework to aid understanding.
  • Expert certified facilitators.
  • Handy reference tools for continued application in the workplace.

Workshops and Coaching

Tailored workshops and coaching equip team members with tools and behaviours for full engagement and high performance. Participants:
Leave with actions they can immediately implement.
Appreciate the story that the financial reports are telling.
Confidently make decisions using financial information.
Increase efficiencies, profitability and cash flow.
Engage more productively with clients and colleagues.
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Where were you when I was doing my MBA?
This is a game-changer.
Sales Director, Retail Industry, London  
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was the best training I’ve received in my 17 years at the company.
Insurance manager, Tennessee. 
This is the first workplace course that’s made a noticeable difference back at my desk.
Financial analyst, Wall Street. 
Valuable to anyone!
Professor Paul Healy, Harvard Business School  

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