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Whether you're new to Wealthvox and Color Accounting Learning System or an established Distributor or Facilitator, you'll find a catalogue of all the resources you need on this page.


Let's Talk Finance

This collection of resources discusses, models, and supports you in delivering the key conversations that form the backbone of Let's Talk Finance. You'll find these resources useful when you're first discovering how to deliver Let's Talk Finance, or as a refresher when you haven't facilitated in a while.

What's included?

  • A foundation for business performance
  • Facilitator Guide (Read & Lead process)
  • Key Concept Reminders (Flash Cards)
  • Classic Transactions (PowerPoint)
  • Transactions and reporting (Workbook solutions)
  • BaSIS Board posters

Now Let's Talk...

Each workplace has its own financial situation and priorities. Where specialization is needed beyond what's delivered in the Let's Talk Finance foundation program, those skills are provided in the follow-on and tailored topics covered in Now Let’s Talk…

This collection of resources supports your delivery of the Now Let's Talk... modules.

What's included for available modules?

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Printable handouts
  • Facilitator's Guides (coming soon)


This video library contains a collection of full tutorials and shorter video clips to help you prepare to facilitate the Let's Talk Finance key conversations.

What topics are covered?

Let's Talk Finance

  • Butterfly conversation
  • Deducing the BaSIS Board
  • Classic transactions
  • Supporting workbook pages - introduction and context-setting
  • Pow Pow vs Swoosh
  • Kaleidoscope of butterflies
  • Room setup for live workshop


We all know how hard it is to sell.  Sometimes just having the right questions ready, or the right materials to grab attention, is what’s needed to engage someone in a meaningful conversation. Here you can find sales and marketing materials to help you effectively market to your network.

What's included?

  • Sales Playbook (coming soon)
  • Product brochures
  • Deminar and other presentations
  • Postcards and other marketing teasers


Need to create materials that include the Wealthvox and Color Accounting Learning System logos and brand guidelines? You can find that here.

What's included?

  • Wealthvox logos in different formats
  • Color Accounting Learning System logos in different formats
  • Wealthvox Brand Design Language Guide


Keep up to date with everything new with the Wealthvox Newsletter.

What topics are covered?

  • Meet our leaders
  • What's new in learning
  • Annual conferences and other events
  • New website and other resources
  • What's next